Ich liebe dich.
I live in the Hamptons. but I'm not rich.
I love the ocean, music, and hockey

"Ur a sloot" -Anonymous

Aww thanks xoxo
Your opinion really matters to me!!


i hope i frustrate you and you think about me a lot

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"Why were you so upset :( ?" -Anonymous

I’m going through a lot of problems with my mom right now and I just had a meltdown like in the middle of a party so my friend elliot held me for a long time and made me feel so much better

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today I was scared to get a silly little wart removed from my finger so I started to tear up at the doctors office.ย My mom said to me, “If I can get two MRI scans, needles all in my arm, and two blood tests in one day, you can do this no problem.”

I didn’t cry. I gotta keep a brave face for my mama


damn son vaginas get itchy too and u donโ€™t see us shoving our hands down our pants itโ€™s called self control go find some

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this vine saved me

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